Something Light: Text Message Poem

For one of my Master’s classes this week I had to compose a poem from one of the pages in chapter 7 of one of our text books. The apology poem caught my eye. I thought, wouldn’t it be funny to write an apology poem out of text messages? And wouldn’t it be cool if it were in the form of a sonnet? So that’s what I made.

When it comes to poetry, I don’t often write very serious poetry (although I am a musician, and the majority of my lyrics are pretty serious).

I used to take poetry seriously though, until I took a poetry class in NJCU with Tan Lin. He is a proponent of nonsense poetry, and of experimental poetry. Any serious poetry that I write nowadays comes out too corny, so I’ll stick with funny poetry. I’m not sure he’d like this poem (it’s too easy), but I think he’d be able to appreciate the format.

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