About Me

I’m currently an 8th grade language arts teacher in New Jersey, USA. I’ve been teaching since 2011. I hold a BA from New Jersey City University (2011) and an Ed. M. from Rutgers Graduate School of Education (2020). As an educator I focus my instruction on equity and diversity. I believe in the power of independent books as well as the power of representation in classroom libraries.

I’m an avid reader of fiction, listener of nonfiction audiobooks and podcasts, and an NPR addict.

Along with teaching, I’m also a musician. Many of my classroom philosophies come from the music I listen to, notably Frank Turner and Bad Religion. I like trying different things out and thinking about what it means to be a teacher. As Greg Graffin says:

Don’t tell me about the answer
’cause then another one will come along soon
I don’t believe you have the answer
I’ve got ideas, too
But if you’ve got enough naivety,
and you’ve got conviction
Then the answer’s perfect for you.

Bad Religion – “The Answer”